Our Mission

At Educate Rescue Empower, we are dedicated to supporting campaigns aimed at the compassionate care of dogs and cats worldwide. We support programs focused on animal rescue, welfare education, and the humane reduction of stray populations. Through our advocacy and financial assistance, we strive to contribute to a world where every animal is treasured and where communities unite to ensure their well-being. Together, we work towards a future where the streets are devoid of stray animals, and where love and respect define human interactions with our furry companions.


Helping animals in need


Veterinary and daily care

Community Outreach

Providing food for stray and low income pets

Medical Outreach

Providing free sterilizations and vaccinations

Our Impact

While our work is never finished, to date, Rescue P.A.W.S. has made a major impact on the stray animal population in our community. With over 10,000 sterilizations and almost 40,000 vaccinations under our collar, we’ve reduced the stray population and enabled thousands of street animals to live safer, healthier lives.

Vaccinations & Parasite Treatments
Cured Cancer Patients
Wound & Skin Treatments
Picture of Dog and Cat Sterilization Project, Hua Hin Thailand

Dog and Cat Sterilization Project, Hua Hin Thailand

Picture of Animal Welfare Education Project, Thailand

Animal Welfare Education Project, Thailand

Picture of Other Projects

Other Projects

Help Us Create Sustainable Change

Sustainable change is not just about sterilizing as many animals as we can. Educating local communities about animal welfare and the importance of sterilization is just as critical to fundamentally change the attitudes and behavior that affects stray lives. This is the root of the problem and our unique approach to solving it, which is made possible with your support.